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Natural News, Health Advocates

Natural News is a website dedicated to publishing articles on the topic of health advocacy. Natural News was founded in 2003 by the Health Ranger as a platform to publish articles on health concerns. The website, in its over ten years online, has published thousands of articles, raising the awareness of health worldwide.

One such concern raised by Natural News has been the potential health risks of artificial sweetener aspartame. Aspartame is nearly ubiquitous as an alternative to sugar and can be found in such name brands as Nutra-Sweet and Equal. It is commonly used in most diet soft drinks. Natural News has found that aspartame can greatly fluctuate the levels of blood sugar in the body, making it dangerous for diabetics. It also affects the levels of serotonin in the brain, which can be a risk for those suffering from mood disorders. It always rapidly increases cell death, increasing the rate of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Through the Forensic Food Lab, the Health Ranger has also discovered many foods claiming to have blueberries. Many foods that claim this actually have none. The laboratory, which has a high powered digital microscope, allowed the Health Ranger to discover that most foods claiming to have blueberries were, in fact, just using an artificial food coloring and a plethora of sweeteners to cover up the lack of real blueberries. This is a health concern. Many people who eat these cereals believe they are participating in a healthy diet. The truth, however, is that they are putting artificial food stuffs into their bodies.

Natural News has also led the lobbying effort for the labeling of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. GMOs are a largely untested new food technology, and their effect on the body over long periods of time is largely unknown. It is theorized, however, that they do present health risks, including cancer. GMOs tend to look exactly like their unmodified counterparts, and the consumer is rarely aware whether or not they are buying a genetically modified product. Natural News believes in the labeling of GMOs, which can help consumers be better informed about what they are putting into their bodies.


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The Health Ranger Founds the Forensic Food Laboratory

The Health Ranger, alias of Mike Adams, is an investigative journalist with over two thousand articles under his belt. In 2003, the Health Ranger founded Natural News as a platform for his journalism. Natural News acts as a consumer health advocacy site. The Health Ranger focuses on writing articles advocating holistic health practices and investigating the often toxic practices of the Western medical industry.

The Health Ranger has recently founded the Forensic Food Laboratory in central Texas. The laboratory has a high powered digital microscope with videography capabilities. This incredible device allows the Health Ranger to investigate foods on a molecular level. This has given the Health Ranger the ability to truly understand various foods by revealing their true make-up.

The Health Ranger personally conducts every investigation. He is certified to use very complex laboratory equipment, such as the HPLC or the digital microscope.  The Health Ranger is also trained in control calibrations, sample preparation, digestion, and dilution, according to EPA standards. This allows him to truly understand the nature of the foods investigated. Through this method he was able to find an unnatural fiber in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. He was also able to discover the use of fake blue berries in processed food. “By examining these ‘blueberries’ under our high-powered digital microscope, we were able to clearly see that these were not natural fruit,” he commented.

Natural News has recently opened a new part of its site, which is called the Natural News Food Forensic Laboratory. This is where the Health Ranger can publish his findings from the laboratory.

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Health Ranger Mike Adams’ Simple Tips For Raising Chickens

Health Ranger Mike Adams lives on a farm with his wife, chickens, and goats. Raising chickens can be a very satisfying undertaking and can even be done in suburban environments. That means you don’t need a whole farm to enjoy fresh eggs and the company of some feathered friends. There are several things you can do to make raising a few chickens enjoyable and simple.

ª     Choose a couple of breeds. Raising a few different kinds of chickens at first can help you understand their different temperaments, the different kinds of eggs they lay, and will help you tell them apart, since one fun part of having chickens is naming them, says Health Ranger Mike Adams.

ª     Be cautious about other pets. Cats may eat baby chicks, and dogs have the potential to harass even adult chickens. Even if they are introduced while they are young, other pets may not be able to share space with chickens, explains Health Ranger Mike Adams.

ª     Build a fence. Most people can’t actually raise fully free-range chickens, says Health Ranger Mike Adams. Limited range is good enough, however, and a fence will keep waste contained and prevent the chickens from tearing up your whole yard.

ª     Watch out for predators. Depending on where you live, hawks or foxes may be a threat to your chickens. This is often not a concern in more densely populated suburbs, says Health Ranger Mike Adams, but if you are living in an area that is partially suburban and partially rural, this can be a real problem.

ª     Get a light sensor door. This type of door will open the chicken coop at sunrise and close it at sunset, putting your chickens to bed for the night. This simple automation can make your job a little easier, says Health Ranger Mike Adams, especially if you’re not a particularly early riser.

Share the eggs! Not everyone will immediately be a fan of the fact that you are raising chickens in your yard, explains the Health Ranger. If you are the type of neighbor who comes by with a basket of eggs every so often, however, people tend to warm up to the idea a little more. Besides, you’ll probably have more eggs than you need, especially if you have more than 2 or 3 chickens.

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Why Health Ranger Mike Adams Thinks You Should Major In A Science

Health Ranger Mike Adams has a bachelor of science degree from a Midwestern university, and that degree has been the jumping off point for his entire career. In essence, Health Ranger Mike Adams makes a living by being a lay scientist of much renown, in his role as founder of Natural News. Indeed, to Health Ranger Mike Adams a degree in one of the hard sciences will make the difference in today’s high tech world where everything is powered by the progress of biotechnology. Majoring in a science, says Health Ranger Mike Adams, can help in some of the following ways:

ª     The sciences improve information literacy. Working frequently with charts and graphs will make you more adept at handling our world, where the infographic currently rules, explains Health Ranger Mike Adams. If you can’t understand visual representations of information, the modern world may pose some challenges. A surprising number of adults struggle with basic information literacy.

ª     You will understand the science behind your health. Fluency in even basic biology and chemistry can help you make better choices for yourself and your family. For example, says Health Ranger Mike Adams, a person with a biology or chemistry major would never feed their family food that lacks the organic label – they would know the dangers of ingesting pesticides from such foods.

ª     You will ask the right questions. Students who major in science tend to be very logical and can spot missing information. Health Ranger Mike Adams says that the ability to ask the right questions is what has shaped his successful career as a health advocate and writer.

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Health Ranger Mike Adams’ Great Reasons To Work With Youth

Health Ranger Mike Adams, founder behind Natural News, has been working with young people since he was in his teens as part of various schools, camps, and volunteer programs. To Health Ranger Mike Adams, working with youth is a way to stay young himself and to give back to his community. For example, Health Ranger Mike Adams has provided nutrition classes to young people and taught courses on computer programming. He even worked performing magic shows during his time in college. Each of these activities has given him a different perspective on working with youth and helped to widen his horizons in his own work.


ª     Young people need strong role models. Not all children are lucky enough to have a positive role model in their home lives, says Health Ranger Mike Adams. Programs like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, or after school groups can be a way to get involved closely with a few children and model positive values. Adults who are willing to be supportive and interested in the lives of young people are sorely needed and can help teach them how to be responsible, dependable adults.

ª     It will keep you in touch with your fun side. Particularly when it comes to working with younger children, Health Ranger Mike Adams suggests that working with youth is a way to stay silly. Often the best way to connect with children is through something silly or trivial, but that makes them smile. And in turn those children will make you smile. Health Ranger Mike Adams remembers his time working as a magician as one of the happiest in his life because he was often surrounded by excited children.

ª     Kids help you keep an open mind. Children often have unique ways of looking at a problem because they don’t know what the expected solution is. Instead, they use their limited knowledge to consider all sides of a situation. This sort of creativity can be extended to all parts of your life, making you a more flexible and creative professional. Suddenly you will be the set of fresh eyes on a project, able to see some new angle or solution to an old problem.

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Reasons Health Ranger Mike Adams Thinks You Should Eat Organic

The Health Ranger Mike Adams has been refining his health tips for years, but a long standing rule in his arsenal is the consumption of organic produce and meat. According to Health Ranger Mike Adams, no one should ever eat produce that isn’t organic. Here, the Health Ranger explains why:

ª     Pesticides are neurotoxins. Organic fruits and vegetables are free of these dreadful chemicals, formally known as organophosphates. These chemicals can damage nerve and brain cells, making non-organic foods particularly dangerous to children and their developing brains.

ª     Organic foods are more nutritious. Studies from a range of organizations have consistently shown that organic foods are more nutritious than conventionally grown foods. In particular, organic foods have more antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium, among other vitamins and minerals.

ª     Eating organic is environmentally friendly. There are numerous reasons why conventional growing techniques are damaging to the environment. Among them include pesticide runoff into drinking water as well as destruction of soil ecosystems. Generations of pesticide and herbicide use are depleting soil nutrients.

ª     Conventional meat contains hormones and antibiotics. These chemicals end up in the bodies of you and your family members, changing your body chemistry and creating resistant bacteria. There is no reason to expose your body to the artificial chemicals.

ª     Organic foods lower your cancer risk. By avoiding exposure to herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals, your cancer risk will be considerably lower. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency considers a significant number of these chemicals to be potentially carcinogenic.

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