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Natural News and the Health Risks of Everyday Foods

There are many foods used in today’s society that have various health risks which are unknown to the public. Natural News is a consumer health advocacy site, founded in 2003 by the Health Ranger. Under the editorship of the Health Ranger, Natural News has published thousands of articles on health concerns. Natural News has a special interest in investigative journalism, and through its investigations have found many health risks in many everyday foods.

One such danger is the consumption of non-organic foods. Foods grown conventionally use pesticides which, once making it into the food, can act as neurotoxins and affect brain development. These pesticides, sometimes known as organophosphates, are incredibly dangerous for the brain and nervous system, and can be especially dangerous for developing children. Organic foods are often grown with added hormones and antibiotics. These additives can be especially harmful, as they can build up resistant bacteria in the body and create an environment in the body that allows for a decreased immune system.

Another constant danger are genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. GMOs are foods that have been modified on a molecular level, resulting in foods that are resistant to foreign chemicals, are capable of growing larger than usual and that are infused with added vitamins. This may sound beneficial, but genetically modified foods have already been linked to the growth of tumors and skin disease. In addition, because of the relatively new nature of GMOs, it is hard to know the long-term effects of continued GMO consumption, which is completely untested. There are concerns among many scientists that they can lead to severe health problems, such as cancer. Looking to help reveal this danger, Natural News has been lobbying for the labeling of GMOs, and has already convinced Whole Foods to label all their genetically modified foods by 2018.

Aspartame also presents a dangerous health risk because it can create fluctuation in blood sugar levels. This can be especially dangerous to diabetics. It can also create fluctuation in serotonin levels, which can affect those with mood disorders. It also speeds cell death, which is a particularly severe problem for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


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The Health Ranger is Active in the Community

The Health Ranger spends most his time as an investigative journalist. He is passionate about reporting on the various health risks and benefits of various foods. He founded the website Natural News in 2003 as a platform for his investigations. In its over ten years in business, Natural News has published thousands of articles on health concerns.

Beyond his dedication to journalism, the Health Ranger is also an active member of his community. The Health Ranger likes to volunteer, especially with the youth. He has done so since his teens. The Health Ranger has worked at camps, schools, and other organizations. He teaches courses on nutrition and software programming. He is also an amateur magician, and especially loves performing for kids, as well as seeing the excitement and smiles on their faces. The Health Ranger sees volunteering with youth as an important aspect in his life. Many youth lack strong role models, and the Health Ranger is happy to fill that role, particularly for disadvantaged youth, which he does wherever and whenever possible. He also sees working with the youth as a chance to keep his mind open, and to feel young. As adults grow, their minds often get stuck in a set grouping of patterns. Children do not tend to have these hang ups and often look at the world in very different ways. This open-mindedness often rubs off on the Health Ranger, and allows him to approach the world and his work problems with a fresh set of eyes.

The Health Ranger is also a noted activist. One of his main passions is the lobbying for the labeling of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. GMOs are a largely unknown quantity and their long-term effects on the body are unknown, though many are concerned about the extended consumption of genetically modified foods, which can lead to cancer or skin disease. GMOs tend to look exactly like their unmodified counterparts, and many consumers do not realize when they are buying them. It is for this reason that the Health Ranger believes GMOs should be labeled. He has been lobbying stores to enact labeling. Whole Foods has agreed to label all their GMOs by 2018.

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Natural News, Science Based Nutrition

Natural News was founded in 2003 as a consumer advocacy website. Under the editorship its founder, The Health Ranger, it has published thousands of articles on health concerns. Natural News has a bent towards investigative journalism; not just reporting on various health concerns, but also backing their articles up with hard evidence. This often involves a hard understanding of science, specifically the biological make-up of various foods and medicines it reports on. The Health Ranger, as both a science major and lay scientist, has helped keep Natural News on track in this endeavor.

The Health Ranger has founded the Forensic Food Laboratory in central Texas. He is an extremely qualified lab technician and is able to use the various complex machinery in the lab to study various foods and medicines. He is also EPA certified for the handling of samples. The high point of the Forensic Food Laboratory is its high powered digital microscope with videography capabilities. The Health Ranger has already used the laboratory to expose several health threats to the community. One such investigation revealed a strange strand of fiber in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. He has also discovered that many breakfast cereals that claim to have blueberries actually use artificial food coloring and sweeteners to cover up the lack of fruit. This finding has actually motivated the Food Ranger to personally crusade for the ban of all foods containing artificial coloring.

Natural News has also launched its own SCIENCE sub-domain. The SCIENCE sub-domain is an index of over ten million scientific studies that The Health Ranger himself oversaw. He supervised the indexing and used both his science experience and expertise as a software programmer to create the algorithms for searching within the database. The database is composed of multiple searchable categories on various health topics. The topics can be searched alone or can be combined to find comparative studies or specific studies that deal with multiple categories. While the sub-domain is designed to be easily used by the layman, it is hoped by Natural News that the SCIENCE sub-domain can also be used by researchers to help further understand various health concerns in the future.

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The Health Ranger, A Natural Farmer

The Health Ranger is the founder of consumer advocacy website Natural News. Natural News has published thousands of articles on health concerns in both the agricultural and medicinal industries. The Health Ranger is an investigative journalist that concerns himself with holistic health practices, as well as serving as an alert to the public regarding certain health hazards. Beyond just being an investigative journalist, The Health Ranger is also a home farmer.

The Health Ranger raises both chickens and goats from his home. He has an special interest in raising chickens. The Health Farmer raises chickens of several different breeds, which allows him to learn their temperament and the different sorts of eggs they lay. He has found that by naming each of his chickens, he can make chicken-raising a fun activity. He loves to share his fresh grown eggs with his neighbors. He has also discovered various natural techniques for raising chickens. He has noticed that it is important to understand which pets are okay to keep around the chickens. He notes that cats will often eat baby chicks, and dogs will harass the chickens looking to play. While animal lovers would obviously be drawn to raising chickens, it is very important to know which animals are safe to keep around them.

The Health Ranger also believes in the raising of free range chickens because it helps him raise happier chickens, which tend to produce higher quality eggs. Having a home farm, however, can be a difficult and impractical place to raise free range chickens. The Health Ranger has built a large fence to keep his chickens in and to keep them from running away. It also helps to manage the waste the chickens produce, and to keep the rest of his yard from being torn up.

The Health Ranger is also a proponent of organic farming. Non-organic farming results in the use of pesticides, which can run off into drinking water. These pesticides also effect the soil, making it barren for any future growing. The Health Ranger believes natural farming can not only be a fun experience but also an environmentally friendly activity.

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The Health Ranger, A Proponent of Raw Milk

Unfortunately, raw milk is illegal in the United States. The Health Ranger, however, still sees the nutritional benefits of drinking raw milk. The Health Ranger is an investigative journalist and lay scientist who runs his own website called Natural News. This site publishes various articles on health concerns. In his studies, the Health Ranger has discovered the amazing nutritional qualities of drinking raw milk.

The pasteurization process, according to the Health Ranger, can often have damaging effects on milk. In fact, it can change the structure of the milk altogether. Many of the essential minerals contained in milk are broken down during the pasteurization process, causing the mineral level to fly out of proportion. This causes the minerals in milk to work incorrectly. According to the Health Ranger minerals cannot just be present to have a nutritional effect. They must also be in the right balance. While pasteurized milk may contain calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium, their health effects do little good. The process of pasteurization has thrown them too far out of balance.

The pasteurization process also breaks down the immunoglobins in raw milk. Immunoglobins are important because they help boost the immune system. They are also curative for those who suffer from asthma. The heat of the pasteurization process completely destroys these immunoglobins, however, removing their incredible curative properties that are only found in raw milk.

There are also twenty essential amino acids the body needs to function. Raw milk contains all of these, but the pasteurization process tends to break them down. Rather than having all the necessary amino acids, pasteurized milk contain only about fifteen. This is because the other five are highly sensitive to heat. Drinking raw milk ensures the body gets all the necessary amino acids that pasteurized milk just cannot provide.

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of raw milk is that it can be consumed by the lactose intolerant. Raw milk contains a bacterium that aids in the digestion of dairy, allowing those lacking the enzyme to digest milk easily and to have no problem drinking milk that is un-pasteurized.

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The Health Ranger, Farmer

The Health Ranger, who is an active journalist and head of Natural News, his own burgeoning website, is also an avid farmer. He raise goats and chickens at his home farm with his wife. The Health Ranger has found fulfillment in the raising of chickens. He finds that it does not require an entire farm to raise chickens, or to have fresh eggs every morning. He also enjoys the company of chickens, finding them to be his fine-feathered friends.

When first starting out as a professional chicken farmer, the Health Ranger was committed to the selection of a few different and select breeds. He found that this selective process has helped him to differentiate the chickens, as well as to form a closer bond with them. He names each chicken, which he finds to be a particularly fun process. Raising different breeds can also be extremely interesting. It allows the farmer to learn their different temperaments, as well as the different sorts of eggs they lay.

It is also important to be aware of your other pets when raising chickens. The animal lovers naturally want to be surrounded by all sorts of animals. Some pets, however, can be extremely dangerous to the chickens. The Health Ranger, through experience, has learned that cats will often try to eat baby chicks, and that dogs will continually harass the chickens. There is one story, in fact, of a run-away dog that broke into a chicken farm, and while looking to just play with one of the chickens actually ended up killing it.

This is just one of the reasons it is important to build a good fence for your chickens. A home farm may make it difficult to raise free range chickens. The Health Ranger found that he had to build a fence to keep the chickens from getting lost and to manage the chicken’s waste. This also helped to keep them from tearing up the rest of his yard.

It is, of course, important to be aware of your neighbors. The Health Ranger was afraid of the annoyance raising chickens may bring to those who lived around him. In this spirit, the Health Ranger often makes a gift of fresh eggs to his neighbors, not just to keep them happy, but also to spread the wealth.

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The Health Ranger Helps Youth

The Health Ranger is a strong advocate of holistic health, and of exposing the toxic practices of modern medicine and agriculture. The Health Ranger, as an investigative journalist, has helped expose many unethical practices used in the health industry. In 2003, he launched the website Natural News as a platform for his journalism, and as a site for other journalists to contribute their own findings. The Health Ranger is also a strong advocate of working with the youth. He has been volunteering with youth programs since he was a teen, working at camps, schools, and various other volunteer programs. These endeavors are his way of feeling young as he continues to give back to the community. The Health Ranger has taught classes on nutrition, performed magic shows and taught proper software programming to children. This has given him a strong perspective on the need for volunteering with youth.

The Health Ranger understands that youths need strong role models. Many youths, unfortunately, do not have strong role models in their lives, and adults willing to give children time and interest to their lives are sorely needed. The Health Ranger is happy to fill this role, and to encourage others to do the same. While this may sound serious, volunteering with youth is a chance to get involved with your fun side. Youth volunteering has helped the Health Ranger to stay young. He is provided the opportunity to feel silly by participating in fun activities with the children rather than just working as a strict educational or emotionally distant role model. The Health Ranger fondly remembers his time working as a magician because he was always surrounded by smiling and excited children.

It is also important to remember that while children are often learning from adults, many adults are simultaneously learning from the children. Many adults, as they age, often develop a strict way of looking at the world, resulting from mind development patterns that are often difficult to break free from. Children, however tend to have a perennial open mindedness, which often times rubs off on the adult. This freshness of outlook can often allow a person to approach the world with a new set of eyes and to find creative ways to approach different projects.

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