Natural News and the Health Risks of Everyday Foods

There are many foods used in today’s society that have various health risks which are unknown to the public. Natural News is a consumer health advocacy site, founded in 2003 by the Health Ranger. Under the editorship of the Health Ranger, Natural News has published thousands of articles on health concerns. Natural News has a special interest in investigative journalism, and through its investigations have found many health risks in many everyday foods.

One such danger is the consumption of non-organic foods. Foods grown conventionally use pesticides which, once making it into the food, can act as neurotoxins and affect brain development. These pesticides, sometimes known as organophosphates, are incredibly dangerous for the brain and nervous system, and can be especially dangerous for developing children. Organic foods are often grown with added hormones and antibiotics. These additives can be especially harmful, as they can build up resistant bacteria in the body and create an environment in the body that allows for a decreased immune system.

Another constant danger are genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. GMOs are foods that have been modified on a molecular level, resulting in foods that are resistant to foreign chemicals, are capable of growing larger than usual and that are infused with added vitamins. This may sound beneficial, but genetically modified foods have already been linked to the growth of tumors and skin disease. In addition, because of the relatively new nature of GMOs, it is hard to know the long-term effects of continued GMO consumption, which is completely untested. There are concerns among many scientists that they can lead to severe health problems, such as cancer. Looking to help reveal this danger, Natural News has been lobbying for the labeling of GMOs, and has already convinced Whole Foods to label all their genetically modified foods by 2018.

Aspartame also presents a dangerous health risk because it can create fluctuation in blood sugar levels. This can be especially dangerous to diabetics. It can also create fluctuation in serotonin levels, which can affect those with mood disorders. It also speeds cell death, which is a particularly severe problem for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


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