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Natural News was founded in 2003 as a consumer advocacy website. Under the editorship its founder, The Health Ranger, it has published thousands of articles on health concerns. Natural News has a bent towards investigative journalism; not just reporting on various health concerns, but also backing their articles up with hard evidence. This often involves a hard understanding of science, specifically the biological make-up of various foods and medicines it reports on. The Health Ranger, as both a science major and lay scientist, has helped keep Natural News on track in this endeavor.

The Health Ranger has founded the Forensic Food Laboratory in central Texas. He is an extremely qualified lab technician and is able to use the various complex machinery in the lab to study various foods and medicines. He is also EPA certified for the handling of samples. The high point of the Forensic Food Laboratory is its high powered digital microscope with videography capabilities. The Health Ranger has already used the laboratory to expose several health threats to the community. One such investigation revealed a strange strand of fiber in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. He has also discovered that many breakfast cereals that claim to have blueberries actually use artificial food coloring and sweeteners to cover up the lack of fruit. This finding has actually motivated the Food Ranger to personally crusade for the ban of all foods containing artificial coloring.

Natural News has also launched its own SCIENCE sub-domain. The SCIENCE sub-domain is an index of over ten million scientific studies that The Health Ranger himself oversaw. He supervised the indexing and used both his science experience and expertise as a software programmer to create the algorithms for searching within the database. The database is composed of multiple searchable categories on various health topics. The topics can be searched alone or can be combined to find comparative studies or specific studies that deal with multiple categories. While the sub-domain is designed to be easily used by the layman, it is hoped by Natural News that the SCIENCE sub-domain can also be used by researchers to help further understand various health concerns in the future.


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