The Health Ranger, A Natural Farmer

The Health Ranger is the founder of consumer advocacy website Natural News. Natural News has published thousands of articles on health concerns in both the agricultural and medicinal industries. The Health Ranger is an investigative journalist that concerns himself with holistic health practices, as well as serving as an alert to the public regarding certain health hazards. Beyond just being an investigative journalist, The Health Ranger is also a home farmer.

The Health Ranger raises both chickens and goats from his home. He has an special interest in raising chickens. The Health Farmer raises chickens of several different breeds, which allows him to learn their temperament and the different sorts of eggs they lay. He has found that by naming each of his chickens, he can make chicken-raising a fun activity. He loves to share his fresh grown eggs with his neighbors. He has also discovered various natural techniques for raising chickens. He has noticed that it is important to understand which pets are okay to keep around the chickens. He notes that cats will often eat baby chicks, and dogs will harass the chickens looking to play. While animal lovers would obviously be drawn to raising chickens, it is very important to know which animals are safe to keep around them.

The Health Ranger also believes in the raising of free range chickens because it helps him raise happier chickens, which tend to produce higher quality eggs. Having a home farm, however, can be a difficult and impractical place to raise free range chickens. The Health Ranger has built a large fence to keep his chickens in and to keep them from running away. It also helps to manage the waste the chickens produce, and to keep the rest of his yard from being torn up.

The Health Ranger is also a proponent of organic farming. Non-organic farming results in the use of pesticides, which can run off into drinking water. These pesticides also effect the soil, making it barren for any future growing. The Health Ranger believes natural farming can not only be a fun experience but also an environmentally friendly activity.


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