The Health Ranger, A Proponent of Raw Milk

Unfortunately, raw milk is illegal in the United States. The Health Ranger, however, still sees the nutritional benefits of drinking raw milk. The Health Ranger is an investigative journalist and lay scientist who runs his own website called Natural News. This site publishes various articles on health concerns. In his studies, the Health Ranger has discovered the amazing nutritional qualities of drinking raw milk.

The pasteurization process, according to the Health Ranger, can often have damaging effects on milk. In fact, it can change the structure of the milk altogether. Many of the essential minerals contained in milk are broken down during the pasteurization process, causing the mineral level to fly out of proportion. This causes the minerals in milk to work incorrectly. According to the Health Ranger minerals cannot just be present to have a nutritional effect. They must also be in the right balance. While pasteurized milk may contain calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium, their health effects do little good. The process of pasteurization has thrown them too far out of balance.

The pasteurization process also breaks down the immunoglobins in raw milk. Immunoglobins are important because they help boost the immune system. They are also curative for those who suffer from asthma. The heat of the pasteurization process completely destroys these immunoglobins, however, removing their incredible curative properties that are only found in raw milk.

There are also twenty essential amino acids the body needs to function. Raw milk contains all of these, but the pasteurization process tends to break them down. Rather than having all the necessary amino acids, pasteurized milk contain only about fifteen. This is because the other five are highly sensitive to heat. Drinking raw milk ensures the body gets all the necessary amino acids that pasteurized milk just cannot provide.

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of raw milk is that it can be consumed by the lactose intolerant. Raw milk contains a bacterium that aids in the digestion of dairy, allowing those lacking the enzyme to digest milk easily and to have no problem drinking milk that is un-pasteurized.


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