The Health Ranger Helps Youth

The Health Ranger is a strong advocate of holistic health, and of exposing the toxic practices of modern medicine and agriculture. The Health Ranger, as an investigative journalist, has helped expose many unethical practices used in the health industry. In 2003, he launched the website Natural News as a platform for his journalism, and as a site for other journalists to contribute their own findings. The Health Ranger is also a strong advocate of working with the youth. He has been volunteering with youth programs since he was a teen, working at camps, schools, and various other volunteer programs. These endeavors are his way of feeling young as he continues to give back to the community. The Health Ranger has taught classes on nutrition, performed magic shows and taught proper software programming to children. This has given him a strong perspective on the need for volunteering with youth.

The Health Ranger understands that youths need strong role models. Many youths, unfortunately, do not have strong role models in their lives, and adults willing to give children time and interest to their lives are sorely needed. The Health Ranger is happy to fill this role, and to encourage others to do the same. While this may sound serious, volunteering with youth is a chance to get involved with your fun side. Youth volunteering has helped the Health Ranger to stay young. He is provided the opportunity to feel silly by participating in fun activities with the children rather than just working as a strict educational or emotionally distant role model. The Health Ranger fondly remembers his time working as a magician because he was always surrounded by smiling and excited children.

It is also important to remember that while children are often learning from adults, many adults are simultaneously learning from the children. Many adults, as they age, often develop a strict way of looking at the world, resulting from mind development patterns that are often difficult to break free from. Children, however tend to have a perennial open mindedness, which often times rubs off on the adult. This freshness of outlook can often allow a person to approach the world with a new set of eyes and to find creative ways to approach different projects.


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